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2 thoughts on “BOOKING

  1. Hey, I’m Lynn and was sitting on the couch when we met at the monkey house.

    You played your funk song, Yes man… Was it?

    And i enjoyed hearing original funk so much.

    So, I sing, n play some funk bass on electric and not exactly “booking” but I wondered if you wanted to collaborate one day at my music/dance studio (my career is dance coaching –

    My friend is bassist in the Dull Richards group.
    Also do you know Austin Willacy – of the House Jacks or Reed Fromer and Artie Wafer of the Reed Fromer band…?

    Or Joe Bagale who is great at funk and part of the Jazz Mafia…?

    Those fellas are my mentors. Curious if you knew any of them.

    Yeahhh…. I just think we might make a neat sound playing together.
    As i said teachin dance, runnin a dance program, i also am formulating ideas like having live music at my studio for my students to dance to at a special event party — one day!

    Curious if you’d be into trying a music sesh with me and if we could share ideas and songs, and see what happens musically there!

    Thanks for your time.

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