“Heads Up” Premier on For Folks Sake

Aretha Franklin has undeniably left an immense mark on our modern culture with her art and activism. When she passed away last August, Jimbo Scott got to work on contemplating just how he would pay her tribute. Forgoing the typical, the Bay Area singer-songwriter forewent posting a cover song, instead digging deeper to write a new original work in her wake.

‘Heads Up’ is what Scott came up with, and now it’s soulfully swinging into view with an uplifting message of perseverance. It’s an anthem on love reminds us of what truly matters with an anecdotal chorus that calls to mind its unconditional nature when it’s genuine. Matched with vibrant fiddling, drums, banjo, and bass beside Scott’s sweet, ebullient delivery, ‘Heads Up’ establishes itself as a charming chip off the old Western swing block for the Americana artist.

‘Heads Up’ rings in the incoming release of Scott’s next album, due out this autumn.


“The Parklands” reviewed by For the Country Record

“The juxtaposition of rural and urban was something that he wanted to highlight, as a reminder to those lost in the hustle and bustle that a calmer and more peaceful world exists out there. It begins gently with acoustic guitar picking and smooth violin, while Jimbo’s full, booming voice remains the focal point. As the song develops the instrumentation builds, the string arrangement courtesy of Tim Snider and really adding something to proceedings. The pace also picks up later on, a subtle beat coming in and punchily strummed acoustic guitar driving it forward and capturing listeners’ attention and imaginations. It’s really evolved into something interesting and lively, while still retaining its important message of protecting rural areas.”