New Video: Criminal by Jimbo Scott and Yesterday’s Biscuits, live at the Fox Den

This version of Criminal is nearly 10 years in the making. Jimbo has been tinkering with this song since back when he was playing in the corner of crowded beer gardens. He always loved how heads would turn when his deep baritone would rumble with “I’ve been a bad bad girl”. The song has so much depth and is both complex and accessible all at once – a real treat for the band and a true testament to Fiona Apple’s unparalleled songwriting talent.

This performance features Jimbo Scott and Yesterday’s Biscuits, an all-star lineup of some of Northern California’s premier Americana musicians.

Director: Dan Foldes (Pint of Soul)
Cameras: Kristina Willemse and Dan Foldes
Audio Recording and Mixing: Jonathan Kirchner
Special Thanks: Dana Fox and Paul
Jimbo Scott – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Andy Merrill – Bass, Vocals
Kiel Williams – Electric Guitar
Anton Patzner – Violin
Rob Hooper – Drums, Vocals

Lyrics and Music by Fiona Apple

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